Research Room Singapore

We are a management consulting and data analytics company
that delivers complex prediction and decision-making capabilities
for commercial, government and not-for-profit organizations.

Research Room Singapore

Research Room Pte. Ltd.

About us

Research Room Pte. Ltd. is founded by three Ph.D. buddies from the Singapore Management University (SMU) in May 2015. Our team is made up of highly trained data scientists with domain expertise in economics, finance, strategy and business management.

While pursuing our doctoral degrees, we have helped some Singapore Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) uncover hidden values through a combination of formal scientific techniques and creative business strategies. Research Room was subsequently formed to formalize long-term partnership commitments to them.

At Research Room, we do not believe in spending all our waking moments thinking about the next big thing. Having a big idea is important, but getting it done is the only thing that matters to us.

  • Value proposition - Deliver the best decision-making capabilities using complex analytics with subject domain expertise.
  • Core competencies - Domain expertise in economics, finance, strategy and business management, with expert research and analytics skills to match.
  • Technology competencies - Developed full-stack analytics solutions in Python+R with RESTful architecture. However, we are platform agnostic and have use-case experiences with the following technology/analytics stacks: SAS, Microsoft, Python, R, Stata.

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The founders of Research Room are not only highly trained research scientists. We had years of commercial and government experience in coveted roles, and these experiences allow us to wield technology and analytics to maximize business/policy value chains.


We are domain experts in financial economics, strategy, investments, corporate planning and business management.


We are highly trained research scientists that are agnostic to the numerous statistical/technology platforms in the market.


We are experienced with theoretical, empirical and applications training at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels.


The most significant point of failure in most projects is always "execution". Unlike most management consultants, we prefer to walk more than we talk.

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At Research Room, we do not just commit ourselves to resolving piecemeal problems of your business. We are as committed to your business as you are. If you think that we can deliver value to your company, please don't hesitate to contact us.